The 2019 North Carolina Drone Summit and Flight Expo is not only a venue for education and discussion, it also will give participants a chance to see this emerging technology in person.

Fly your drone mission at the premier North Carolina Drone Summit and Flight Expo

  1. Make a strong visual impact of your drone flight capability to a large audience of industry and government leaders

  2. Demonstrate the value you present in the UAS ecosystem

Organizations interested in putting on a flight demonstration, please submit the requested information below.  All selected flights will be required to produce an N-number of their aircraft, a video of their flight (in case of weather cancellation), and documentation of flight certificates.  Flights will be conducted in proximity to hotel, over landscaped grounds, a large pond, and a forested area.


North Carolina is the birthplace of aviation. Come join us to hear about what the next century of aviation will look like!

Participants include key industry representatives, technology pathfinders, influential government officials, and pioneers.

A Flight Expo will showcase drone mission capabilities by flying demonstration missions on site during the conference

Flight Demo Registration